Monday, 16 February 2015

Fro my collection 3

Like the thousands who regret not keeping their old toy cars or Star Wars memorabilia in mint, boxed condition, there must be many old goths who regret recycling the ephemera of their gig-going days down the years. The early Sisters gigs I attended were either pay on the door or had the kind of ticket which you had to surrender on the way in, so I have precious little evidence in any case of some of the gigs I attended. Occasionally though, an attractive looking poster left pinned up to advertise a gig could be easily liberated once it had served its original purpose, and enjoy a second life papering over the cracks (literally) of a Leeds student bedsit.
The A4 example pictured above is one of the few remaining items I have of that time, although sadly it is from the early Hussey period, post classic line-up. Recently discovered lurking inside the pages of an old edition of Record Collector magazine featuring TSOM where it had been obviously placed for safe keeping during a long forgotten house move a quarter of a century ago, it is a reminder of more innocent days when Student Ents Committees would advertise forthcoming shows using little more than a letter transfer set, some flourescent paper and a photocopier. And those who have recently paid fifty euros to see (or rather, not see) the band will also have fond memories of the days when you could peer through the dry ice for under three quid, less than the cost of two bottles of Blue Nun. Incidentally, the Sisters returned to the region of Von's birth (East Anglia) later that year (1984) on the Black October tour, but left it a further twenty-two years before paying a third visit to the UEA LCR, when advance tickets cost ... twenty pounds.

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