Thursday, 9 February 2012

Red Rhino

Whilst on the subject of DIY indie bands in the early 80s, it would be remiss of me not to pay tribute here to the late Tony K (who passed away four eyars ago), founder of the York based Red Rhino Records. A record shop which was a "must" on any trip to York (in its famous  premises at 9 Gillygate), Red Rhino branched out into becoming a record label of mixed quality and fortunes, being home to avant-garde band Zoviet France amongst others, but it was only the success of Killing Joke copyists 1919 riding the posi-punk (i.e. goth) wave in 1982 that heralded an era of success which would be dominated by the recorded output of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry until they signed to Situation 2 at a point when their fortunes were starting to wane. Most importantly from the Sisters point of view, Red Rhino had become an even more successful distribution company, one part fo the new national Cartel system, allowing bands like TSOM to retain their independence on MR long after it should have been possible. The enthusiastic Mr Kostrzewa helped bands like the Sisters to afford studio time to produce the singles which would be his future profit stream. Not a flawless business plan, as it turned out, but like promoters Nick Toczek and John Keenan amongst others, he played a crucial role in allowing a young genius to cut his musical teeth.

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